Truck Stickers

Plano Landscape Truck 1

For us, putting company stickers on our trucks means something a little more than marketing.

In the landscape industry, yes, truck stickers are an important means of marketing. We also see it as a way to provide another level of customer satisfaction. J. Cordell’s customers are not the type that wants the “mow and go” landscaper. You have seen these before, they arrive in a very old or barely street legal truck and spend 5 minutes mowing and edging the yard and then they are out of there. If you blink, you may miss them.

J. Cordell’s customers have pride in their home and garden and desire not only for the grass to be cut, but for the beds to be clean of weeds, the plants to be trimmed neat, and the yard to be free of leaves and debris. There is a sense of pride in seeing the clean white truck show up while our trained staff hop out and go to work. The truck means something, when our customers see it, it reminds them of the commitment they have made to keeping the land around them looking its best. Their landscape stewards have arrived…

Plano Landscaping Truck 2