Considering Decorative Stone Options

Plano Decorative Stone

Decorative stone can be used as an alternative as mulch, groundcovers, or hardscaped patios and driveways. Incorporating decorative stone into your landscape can be both a functional and aesthetic option. It can add unique texture and color while also providing a great solution to problematic areas. It can be more affordable than cut or irregular stone but more expensive than mulch.

Although the options seem limitless, below are some of the more common types of decorative stone options that you will see at many North Texas stone suppliers.

Plano Crushed Limestone Options

Crushed Granite

Crushed granite comes in a variety of sizes and an even larger variety of color. It is not uncommon to see suppliers provide blends of various types. Often very grainy in appearance. Commonly used for walkways and driveways.

Crushed Limestone

Usually ranging from white to gray in color crushed limestone is a common choice for driveways and paths. Crushed limestone has a chalky appearance and although not extremely decorative in nature, well sorted and washed sources can prove very  is usually consistent in its color and appearance. Great option for utility areas such as pool equipment, around electrical transformers, or trash/recycling areas.

Native Gravel

Native Gravel is a less uniform gravel in regards to color, shape and size. Rocks from white, gray and brown form a very natural and irregular look.

Tejas Black Gravel or Texas Black Basalt

A crushed stone similar in appearance to crushed limestone but with a dark black color. Although not elegant the consistency in its color and shape provides for a clean looking gravel that is great for driveways and prominent walk ways. Plano Decorative Stone Options

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is one of the most affordable and common types of decorative gravels. It can be so common that it may not feel too decorative at all leading one to consider other options in search of a more unique look. Pea gravel usually comes in sizes of 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch. Keep in mind that the round nature and the small size of pea gravel can make it seem both unstable under the feet and easily transported to areas where it is not intended. A type of crushed rock that is more stable may be used instead if this is a concern.

Colorado River Rock

A multicolor blend of round rocks. Due to being 1 inch or larger in size Colorado River Rock is commonly used as a mulch or decorative border as it is too large and uneven to walk on. A great option for a natural looking creek bed due to it’s variety in shapes, size and colors.

Salt and Pepper Rock

Another larger round rock that has a very distinctive white to gray color with black specs. Commonly used in decorative planting beds and as a border or as a creek bed.

Mexican Beach Pebble

One of the most commonly types of decorative stone that also is large enough to be used as a decorative stone border or groundcover.  It’s smooth black appearance lends it to turn deep black when wet. As such it is commonly used in water features. Due to it’s consistency in shape and smooth texture it is commonly used in modern. A good option for someone wanting to add great color and texture to their landscape.

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