Sod Repair

Plano TX Sod Repair

J. Cordell Landscape and Irrigation in Plano, TX is often asked to help with sod repair. Before we just replace the sod, we always look for the root cause for why the sod is struggling to begin with. After all, it if it didn’t work before, why would it work now? 9 times out of 10 we see the same issues affecting the performance of the turf.

Reasons why your sod is struggling:

#1 Not Enough Sunlight So many people fight the shade and their lawns. As the trees on their properties mature, if they are not pruned and thinned out regularly the trees often provide such dense shade that the grass cannot survive. In the example below, before we were really to replace the sod we had to ensure the neighbors had their live oak pruned which was throwing shade on our clients lawn. Opening up the canopy to allow some dappled sunlight in will do wonders for grasses like St. Augustine and Pallisades Zoysia.

#2 Irrigation Problems Our next question after the shade is if the clients have a sprinkler system, and more importantly is it on and working properly. Common problems could have been resolved if a sprinkler nozzle had just been cleaned out before clogging and being left alone to kill the grass. St Augustine in full sun can require a lot of water and sprinkler issues is a common source of grass killer during the heat of the Texas summers for these lawns.

#3 Drainage Issues The final reason folks sometimes see issues with their lawns is due to drainage issues over saturating the grass and ponding. Like most living things, lawns and all plants for that matter required oxygen in order to survive. Standing water in lawns can literally drown the turf and cause it to decline and die. In our example below there were two roof drains that had been compounding the problem with the lack of sunlight. We tied the roof drain into an underground drainage system to carry the water out away from the freshly planted sod.


Plano TX Sod Renovation  After Plano TX Grass  

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