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Plant Spotlight – Lantana ‘New Gold’

Plano Planting Lantana

Lantana x hybrida ‘New Gold’

With so many plants to choose from, selecting plants for your North Texas landscape planting project can easily become complicated. Often it becomes a lot harder than just choosing the plant that looks the prettiest as the plant hardiness, sun exposure, water requirement, soil pH, and size and shape of the plant must also be taken into account. Often the plant you wanted most may not be best suited for the job. As a Plano, TX based landscaper, one option we would like to recommend that is a great performer and may fit some of your most challenging requirements is Lantana ‘New Gold’.

Lantana is original to South America but has become familiar to many Texas gardeners. Lantanas are commonly referred to by the Dallas Arboretum as a ‘Flameproof Plant’ as they are known for their ability to thrive even through extreme Texas summer.  While there are many varieties, Lantana ‘New Gold’ is a recent cross known for its attractive bright yellow blossoms and reliable performance. Labelled as a ‘Texas Superstar Plant’ for its tough, reliable, and aesthetic nature. Here are a few reasons to consider Lantana ‘New Gold’.

Loves Full Sun

Due to its preferences for full sun, it can be the perfect plant for withstanding the intense Texas summer sun. Consider it one of your first options for tough planting beds where other plants have struggled in the heat and sun.

Drought Tolerant

Many plants that do tolerate full sun may also require heavy watering. Luckily, Lantana ‘New Gold’ only requires only occasional watering after its roots are established. It’s drought tolerant and low maintenance characteristics make it a great addition for planting in any Texas garden.

Prolific Bloomer

Lantana ‘New Gold’ bright blossoms repeatedly bloom from spring through fall even in mid summer heat. According to Auburn University the ‘New Gold’ variety is more attractive to butterflies than other Lantana varieties.

Growing Habit

The dwarf, compact 12 – 15” tall habit makes this a great groundcover. It’s trailing habit also makes it a great option for cascading over retaining walls, out of pots, and spilling out of hanging baskets,


Many lantana varieties go to seed causing blooms to drop early. Lantana ‘New Gold’ does not go to seed and as such becomes a great alternative to other invasive lantanas due to self seeding.

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