It’s Getting HOT! Time for Irrigation…

Plano Irrigation Installation

It’s Getting HOT! Time for Irrigation…

It’s official! As of June 20th we have officially begun summer and that means hot North Texas summers. High temperatures and sunlight are essential for plant growth but can prove a challenge for most gardens. That’s why maintaining a healthy lawn and garden through summer often comes down to great irrigation!

Here’s some tips to help get you through the summer months:

Increase Irrigation – Increase your irrigation amounts to accommodate for the higher temperatures and lower rainfall of the summer months. Remember that a plant’s water requirements are different mid summer from mid winter. So when the temperatures go up it’s time to water a little bit more!

Irrigation check and audit – It’s important to frequently run through your irrigation system to check and make sure things are running properly. A careful observation helps insure all the right adjustments are made to your irrigation system before heading into summer. Replacing broken heads, checking for damages in drip lines, reducing overspray onto driveways and sidewalks, and audits measuring how much water is applied throughout your landscape are all important in improving efficiency and lowering your water bill. In the end it’s all a game of getting the right amount of water where you want it.

Be aware of local water restrictions – Are you aware of any water restrictions where you live? Chances are you have one and if you don’t, you will soon! Many residents are restricted to watering two days a week in the early morning and evenings.  It can be hard to take water conservation in the spring when we have too much of it but come summer it can be a different story! Be sure to look up what your local water restrictions are and consult with a landscape professional in how to best meet

Install a Rain/Freeze Sensor – Install a Rain/Freeze Sensor to improve water efficiency by automatically shutting off your irrigation system from watering when you don’t need to. In fact, many North Texas cities have begun requiring sensors with installations of new irrigation systems and provide rebates for installations of sensors to existing systems. In Plano, Texas residents can get up to $75 water utility credit by purchasing and having a Rain/Freeze Sensor installed by a licensed irrigation professional.

Don’t overwater – Finding the delicate balance of how much to water can be tricky. The fact is that a plant suffering from too much water shows the same signs of a plant not getting enough. Consult an expert from J. Cordell Landscape and Irrigation

Contact a Licensed Irrigator – Addressing the irrigation needs of your own landscape isn’t for everyone. If you need help addressing the irrigation needs let us know and we’ll do the work for you to save you time, energy and stress, and most importantly WATER! Text or Email us today to schedule a consultation! 469-609-7733

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